Virtually Impossible
Season 2, Episode Thirteen
The Resident - Episode 2.13 (1)
Airdate February 04, 2019
Written by Amy Holden Jones & Eric I. Lu
Directed by Valerie Weiss
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Virtually Impossible is the thirteenth episode of Season Two of The Resident.


Conrad, Kit, Mina and the Raptor work to save the life of a med student in need of a triple-organ transplant, drawing Bell back to the OR for one of the Chastain's riskiest surgeries yet. After the police find Julian's empty car in a nearby lake, Devon does some investigating of his own to find out what might have happened to her. Meanwhile, Mina and the Raptor hound Bell to halt his business with the risky medical device company, Quovadis, and Nic makes a rash decision regarding her sister.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Chelsea Kurtz as Eloise Camden
  • Sharon Omi as Florence Camden
  • Ray Proscia as Terry Camden