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This is a collection of Guidelines for The Resident Wiki. They are to set a certain standard of community behavior and to keep the Wiki running smoothly.
  • Editing - Be mindful of what other user's are editing, at any given time. This is because multiple user's editing the same article, at the same time will create editing conflicts. Also, please do not edit the same article in small parts just to gain achievements or to boost your edit count. If this is the case, we advise choosing another Wiki more suited to the practise.
  • Vandalism - Vandalism to any pages will not be tolerated. This includes purposely changing information to something false or adding in random piece of text. For example, changing "1+2+3=6" to "1+2+3=17" or "blaah blaah blaah".
  • Disruptive Behavior - Any disruptive behavior, such as harassment, towards users or admins will result in a block.
  • Commenting - Please use the comment sections to ask questions and to give brief opinions. Comments introducing discussions should be made here. Also, unnecessary or over-commenting will result in a temporary warning block.
  • Blocking - Users can be blocked depending on what guidelines they break. Time ranges from being temporary to permanent, depending on the situation and severity. This can be carried out at any time and without consultation/warning.