Shira Smook was an Anesthesiologist at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. She is portrayed by Stephanie Hunt.


Season Two

Shira arrives at Chastain as a new Anesthesiologist. She comes off as a happy person and is prone to telling bad jokes and puns to patients and other staff. It is shown to the viewer that she is stealing drugs from patients and the OR. In the season two episode unbriefended an unnamed guy comes into the hospital. She tells him to meet her in the parking lot in an hour. Although it isn't revealed who he is it was likely for drugs though she tells Mina he's an ex boyfriend who is stalking her. He later is seen breaking into her car and is caught by Dr. Nolan who along with the police discover a bunch of stolen drugs 

As the police, Dr. Bell, and Dr. Nolan come to arrest her she overdoses from a drug she had injected into an IV port prior to a surgery to remove Kyle Nevin's kidney. She collapses/overdoses in the OR during surgery and pulls out Kyle Nevin's tubes and wires from his throat. She is brought to the ER where she is revived with a dose of narcan and is promptly arrested by the police. 

It is revealed after this that she previously worked in Pennsylvania and had her license suspended due to drug abuse but since records don't transfer she was able to come to work in Atlanta without issue. 


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