Priya Nair is Devon Pravesh's ex-fiancé on The Resident. She is portrayed by Tasie Lawrence.


Priya is a journalist and Devon Pravesh's ex-fiancé.

Season One

The Elopement

Devon turns to Priya to help him expose Lane’s clinic. After almost killing Lily and endangering the lives of other patients.

Family Affair

Priya and Devon have dinner with Devon's parents at a restaurant, where they discuss the plans for their wedding.

Lost Love

Priya gave Devon, Conrad and Nic the information she had found so far on Lane's Clinic. Devon forgot her birthday, as work made him lose track of time. As a birthday present he gave her Jelly Bean, one of the rescue puppies. [1]



Devon Pravesh

Priya and Devon have been in a relationship since before the Pilot started, and are engaged. On Devon's first day, Priya gave him an engraved watch with the words 'Dr. Devon Pravesh'. They are planning a small, intimate wedding of around 150 people. [2] For her birthday, he gave her a rescue puppy. [3]

Devon called off their engagment, right before their wedding, due to his feelings towards Julian Booth. [4]

Notes and Trivia

  • Her father is a Barrister in London.
  • Her birthday was during Lost Love.




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