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Peking Duck Day
Season 3, Episode Eight
The Resident - Episode 3.08 (7).jpg
Airdate November 26, 2019
Written by Elizabeth J.B. Klaviter & Michael Notarile
Directed by David Crabtree
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Peking Duck Day is the eighth episode of Season Three of The Resident.


Upon dubbing Thanksgiving “the most dangerous day of the year,” Devon and Irving are inundated with patients in the ER. When an A-list celebrity enters the hospital after swallowing a wish bone, Logan Kim assigns a new surgeon, Dr. Torres, to the case in the hopes of garnering extra publicity. Meanwhile, tensions run high at The Raptor home when he hosts his biological and adoptive families for a Thanksgiving dinner. Nic and Conrad’s low-key plans gets interrupted as Kyle Nevin shows up with a former Chastin Park hospital female patient Sadie. Later, the celebrity patient Delandre Harris has some sever complications when Dr. Pravesh calls Dr. Bell to have a look and perform another surgery. This cause VP Logan Kim and Dr. Torres to intercept and remind Dr. Bell that Dr. Torres owns this celebrity patient. Conrad's neighbor appears with his two boys and says one of them does not fell well - after a short examination Conrad decides to bring them all by himself to the Chastain hospital leaving Nic alone at home with her father Kyle.


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