Olivia Tan was a patient with hypochondria, at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.


Season One

Olivia Tan is introduced to Dr. Devon Pravesh in episode And The Nurses Get Screwed as a well known patient to Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Even as Dr. Irving Feldman already know the problems of Olivia Tan, he let Devon Pravesh proceed with the medical analysis. Dr. Devon Pravesh can not find any illness on Olivia Tan and he likes to release her from the emergency room as Dr. Irving Feldman recommends to describe Olivia a placebo medicine (without any effect). At the end Olivia Tan insists to get a medical reference to an oncologist and Dr. Irving Feldman gives Olivia a reference to Dr. Lane Harper.

Exactly 8 days later Olivia Tan returns to Chastain Park Memorial Hospital in the episode Total Eclipse of the Heart. Olivia tells Dr. Devon Pravesh that she just had her first chemo therapy after Dr. Lane Harper confirmed she has cancer. Dr. Devon Pravesh & Dr. Conrad Hawkins together with nurse Nic Nevin discuss Olivia Tan lab results, then inform CEO Dr. Randolph Bell with her findings. Finally Dr. Devon Pravesh informs Olivia Tan that she is a victim of medical fraud by Dr. Lane Harper, he introduce Olivia to Priya Nair a reporter that want to her her story!



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