Lily Kendall was a cancer patient at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.


Lily was a cancer patient at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. She died in the episode Lost Love, due to a potassium overdose.

Season One

Lost Love

Lily came to Chastain after receiving an effusion from Lane's Clinic, she suffered a panic attack over her treatment. So Nic recommended getting a second opinion from another oncologist.

Later, Lane mysteriously allows Nic supervise Lily's care again. However, Lily dies shortly after, as Lane was seen going into Lily's room, in a possible attempt for Lane to cover her tracks and frame Nic.


Claire Thorpe agrees to allow an autopsy on Lily, to find out exactly how see died. Later on , Conrad appears to see Lily as a ghost. Just like his old professor Eileen Jacoby did with the patients she couldn't save.

And The Nurses Get Screwed

Lily’s family is suing Nic and the hospital after her death. Nic believes Lane gave her too much chemo, but autopsy results differ. Lily didn’t die from chemo; she died of a potassium overdose. The bag of potassium Nic hung for Lily the night she died killed her. Nic is positive that she set the flow rate to drip slowly throughout the night, but the records show that Lily received the entire dose in 30 minutes.

Lane is telling the board of investigators that Nic was on duty the night Lily died, and she was the only person who set the flow rate. Nic knows that she didn’t mess anything up and realizes that Lane set her up, by pretendding to leave the room then doubling back to change the flow rate.

Notes and Trivia

  • Her middle name is Elizabeth.
  • She was twenty-six at the time of her death.




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