Dr. Jude Silva was a trauma surgeon at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. He was portrayed by Warren Christie.


Dr. Jude Silva was a trauma surgeon, who served in the Marine Corps with Conrad Hawkins.

Season One


Jude's privileges to work at Chastain were revoked by Dr. Bell. This was after shouting at Bell in the OR while operating on his patient, Ted Zhou. Before he leaves, he made sure Conrad would take care of Nic, who is struggling with Lily Kendall's death.



Conrad Hawkins

Jude and Conrad served in the Marine Corps together. And they both are competing for the attention of Nic, even though Jude knows Conrad is still in love with her.

Nicolette 'Nic' Nevin

Nic and Jude are friends and colleagues. But as Jude wants a relationship with Nic, while she just wants to be friends.

Notes and Trivia

  • He and Conrad served in the Marine Corps.

Memorable Quotes

Jude [about Conrad] Is he biting every one’s head off today or just mine?




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