How Conrad Gets His Groove Back
Season 3, Episode Thirteen
The Resident - Episode 3.13 (2)
Airdate January 21, 2020
Written by Marqui Jackson & Joshua Troke
Directed by Julie Hébert
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Best Laid Plans
The Flea

How Conrad Gets His Groove Back is the thirteenth episode of Season Three of The Resident.


Upon meeting with a high-profile soccer player suffering from mysterious symptoms, Conrad ends up back at Chastain and faces an angry Logan Kim. When Bell and the Raptor come up empty-handed in regard to a diagnosis, the doctors take note on how talented Conrad truly is. Nic springs into action when she notices Kyle falling into a deep depression and fears he could be suicidal. Meanwhile, Devon butts heads with Irving over patient space and Mina realizes she has become attached to baby Michelle.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Chris Ashworth as Reggie Perez
  • Matt Battaglia as Bill Landry
  • Chris Mason as Dax Ramsey
  • Hal Ozsan as Nigel Sutton
  • Monica Garcia Bradley as Riley Jackson
  • Charlie St. Charles as ND Nurse Ingrid Nilsson


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