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Free Fall
Season 3, Episode Eleven
The Resident - Episode 3.11 (6).jpg
Airdate January 07, 2020
Written by Todd Harthan, Tianna Majumdar-Langham & Chris Bessounian
Directed by Jann Turner
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Best Laid Plans

Free Fall is the eleventh episode of Season Three of The Resident.


After being terminated from Chastain, Conrad has difficulty figuring out his next step and distracts himself by accompanying a patient on a zero-gravity adventure. In his first move as the new Chief of Surgery, Cain puts the doctors on a commission-based pay system, which causes Devon's new intern to agree to a procedure before weighing the risks. Meanwhile, Mina struggles with taking care of Adaku's baby while she is in recovery and Bell's supplement company get its big break.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Moira Kelly as Annie Diamonte
  • Geoffrey Cantor as Zip Betournay
  • Kearran Giovanni as Andrea Braydon
  • Chris Ashworth as Reggie Perez
  • Lee Osorio as Odel De Silva
  • Bridger Zadina as Finn Niver
  • Eli Gelb as Ezra Dreyfuss
  • Megyn Price as Eline Harris