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Fear Finds A Way
Season 2, Episode Twelve
The Resident - Episode 2.12 (12).jpg
Airdate January 28, 2019
Written by Todd Harthan & Michael Notarile
Directed by Bronwen Hughes
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Fear Finds A Way is the twelfth episode of Season Two of The Resident.


When a nasty flu season turns out to be masking a terribly infectious disease, Chastain must race to quarantine and diagnose infected patients. While Conrad, Nic and Alec work tirelessly on Meg, who was Nic's favorite guard from her stint in prison, Devon and the others treat Sam (guest star Michael Rady), a love-sick patient with flu-like symptoms. Mina finds herself testing Quovadis medical devices in an effort to defend Dr. AJ Austin, who, feeling responsible for the death of a patient, is serving penance by staying away from the OR. Meanwhile, Conrad is prepared to take the next step with Nic, but finds that she may not be as ready.


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