Eileen Jacoby was a patient dealing with hallucinations at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and Conrad Hawkins old medical professor.


Before Retirement

She was pioneering female neurosurgeon, there was footage of her doing brain surgery in the 1970's. All the other doctors were men, and they tried to keep her out of the OR. Except they couldn't because she was so good. Eileen did the first microscopic AVM resection.

Season One


Eileen was admitted at Chastain because she sees the ghosts of her dead patients. The one's she couldn't save. A nurse found her talking to herself, and sent her to the Psych Ward. When Conrad found out, he got her back and then takes her for a walk outside. She is diagnosed with depression and hallucinations.

Before she checked out of the hospital, Mina asks for her assistance with figuring out what's wrong with one of her machines. Eileen comes with her to the surgical machine, and tests it out. She tells her the balance is off, and shows the Mina how to fix it. Mina leaves for a surgery, while Eileen is left to apologise to her ghosts and they finally disappear. Before she leaves, she tells Conrad she going back to teaching.

Memorable Quotes

Eileen [to Conrad] Shall we talk about my ghosts?

Eileen [to Conrad] What I think, Conrad, is that I’m losing my mind.



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