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If it were easy, everyone would be a doctor, because this is the best job in the world. Despite everything. Because of everything.
Dr. Conrad Hawkings

Dr. Conrad Hawkins is a Chief Resident at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. He is portrayed by Matt Czuchry.


Dr. Conrad Hawkins is a tough, brilliant and cocky senior resident, who supervises an idealistic young doctor, Dr. Devon Pravesh, on his first day. He pulls the curtain back on all of the good and evil in modern day medicine.[1]

He is a very intense man. He is shown to be very tough on the residents under him, but only so that they learn the practicality of being a doctor. This is first shown in Pilot, when he tells Devon that just because he has the white coat and a stethoscope, it does not mean he is a doctor. Conrad's intensity is probably influenced by his time as a medic in Afghanistan.

However, Conrad does care for his patients and the lives of people in general. He has no problem doing the right thing, in spite of the consequences.

Despite his arrogance, he can be a kind and engaging young man.

'Season One'

Conrad is a 3rd-year medical resident in internal medicine.

'Season Three'

In Whistleblower, as Conrad is about to be made Chief Resident, he is fired by Logan Kim for lying about a young patient who is suicidal to get him a liver transplant. However, Conrad recognizes that Red Rock sees him as a threat to their profits and were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him.

In How Conrad Gets His Groove Back, Conrad discovers that he has been blacklisted from every hospital in the city by Kim, causing Conrad to struggle to find a job. A man he had saved a couple of episodes before brings Conrad in to give a young pro soccer player for Georgia FC a second opinion after the young man, Dax, is convinced that the team doctor missed something. After Dax is seriously injured in soccer practice, Conrad returns to Chastain with the young man and attempts to help Bell and AJ treat him, incurring the wrath of Kim, who bans Conrad from the hospital. Secretly consulting with Bell and AJ by phone, Conrad is able to diagnose Dax with a genetic condition and saves his life and career. Bell and AJ reveal Conrad's actions to the team's owner, who is grateful, and he offers Conrad a job as the team's doctor and to get him a position at St. John's. Instead, Conrad uses his new job to leverage Kim into rehiring him at Chastain as Chief Resident, knowing that Red Rock would be furious if they discovered Kim passed up on all of the opportunities Conrad's new job will bring them. Kim is forced to concede and Conrad is reinstated in Chastain and promoted to Chief Resident.


'Nicolette 'Nic' Nevin'

Conrad and Nic had an on-off relationship. Their romantic relationship started before the Pilot, but for unknown reasons, they broke up and Conrad has been trying to win her back ever since. Conrad gets jealous of Nic and Jude, when he witnesses Jude returning her necklace. Conrad's mother gave him a ring before he went to Afghanistan, to give to the "love of your life", which he then gave to Nic.

In Haunted, Conrad goes to comfort Nic, but she ends up comforting him and his injured ankle. Because of this, Conrad and Nic are together later that night, at his apartment. They talk while she wraps his ankle, and when she's done, they hug. The night ended with Nic in Conrad’s bed, asleep on his chest, with him seeing Lily's ghost.

In Rude Awakenings and The Raptor, Nic finds a man with a grocery delivery on her front porch, which he insists on giving her. She threatens to call the police, he wishes her goodnight and calls her by her full name. Later, Conrad meets her at her house, wanting to know if the man returned. He tells her to get her things and come stay with him. And comforts a frightened Nic.

When Nic’s bail is then set at $100,000, as Lane’s lawyers have labeled her as a flight risk and when she tells Conrad this over the phone, he tells her that he’ll handle it. He ends up calling his father, Marshall Winthrop, who pays her bail and tells his son that she’ll be released within the hour. After Lane is arrested, Nic is given her back her job. When she walks past Conrad, he pulls her into an empty room and they kiss. [2]

In A Wedding, A Funeral, Nic and Conrad get married in an outdoor ceremony.

'Noni Turner'

In Independence Day, Conrad flirted with Noni so that he was able to swap two blood samples around, allowing one of his patients to get a heart transplant.

In The Elopement, Conrad and Noni sleep together, which she suggests is his rebound from Nic.

'Catherine Loy'

Catherine is Conrad's ex-fiancé. He ended their relationship after punching his father at the rehearsal dinner, lying and telling her he didn't love her and the marriage wouldn't work. She is admitted to the hospital with mystery abdominal pain, that Conrad tries to diagnose while fighting the idea of Bell performing her operation.

'Lane Hunter'

Lane was Conrad's mentor. In Identity Crisis, it is revealed that she had done a lot for him in the past. However, not much is about their relationship. Their relationship breaks down after Conrad finds out she's been treating patients who don't have cancer for cancer anyway. This was an insurance fraud and Conrad wants to take her down, especially after getting Nic arrested.

'Marshall Winthrop'

Marshall is Conrad's estranged father. Conrad suggests that the difference between them is that he helps sick people, and doesn't capitalize off people's misfortune. His father returns to ask him to run the new hospital he is opening.

When Nic is set-up and arrested and her bail is set at $100,000, Conrad ends up calling his father, who pays her bail and tells his son that she’ll be released within the hour. After Lane's arrest, Dr. Bell has a new boss, Conrad's father, who will be the new chairman of the board.[3]

'Georgianna Hawkins'

Conrad's mother died before the Pilot, but it seems like he was very close to her, as being separated from her is one of the reasons why he hates his father. She also gave him her ring, which he later gave to Nic.

'Jude Silva'

Conrad and Jude served in the Marine Corps together. And they both are competing for the attention of Nic, even though Jude knows Conrad is still in love with her.

'Devon Pravesh'

Devon begins his residency with a text from Conrad "Meet me in Physical therapy. Try not to be a dick." When they meet in Devon's eye it was one of the worst meetings. Conrad tells him to take his tie off, he's not in Harvard anymore. Conrad asked him what he was into. He was asking him what his type was. Devon scoffs in disbelief, stating, "I don't understand". Devon was not prepared, going from professional people to Conrad. A man who works in his own way. Conrad brags a little about scoring higher on "19 first authors". Devon scores 267 while Conrad scored 280. After a couple hours or so, Devon walks up to Nic saying he needs a new residence. Nic, however, convinces him this was not the best idea. Saying that Devon could with a mechanic whos polite nice, runs all the test but charges you thousands to fix the car. Only to find out when your driving home you hear the same rattle. You could have that or you could have a mechanic that is rude, arrogant, and annoying but fixes the rattle and only charges $5. Devon sticks with Conrad seeing as he had no choice.

Over time, without admitting it, Devon sees that while Conrad was rude and arrogant. Conrad was good at he does and gets results. The two work well along with each. Of course, there's a lot of disagreement along the way, fights, and rule-breaking. However, the two get the job done. The two do occasionally hang outside of work at a bar. As Conrad, Devon and Nic work on taking down Lane Hunter they all become closer. Sometimes at one or another's house. The two do care for each other and will show from time to time. When Conrad sprained his ankle after crashing into a biker while running. Devon admits Conrad as a patient under his care. He refused to let Conrad blow him off. It took until almost the end of the shift for Conrad to finally admit he needed help. Conrad talked to Devon about several things, several first while working.

While the two may not be best friends, they are close to each other. Caring for one another and helping each other along the way. Conrad picks on him along the way, but does it to push Devon into becoming a great doctor.

In A Wedding, A Funeral, Conrad had asked Devon to be his best man, but Devon had to go be with his family due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was born in Lamezia Terme, Italy.
  • Conrad made up his mind about becoming a doctor at the age of fourteen, after witnessing a doctor saving a kid's life after a car accident.
  • He has a tattoo on his back that says "Death Before Dishonor".
  • A little girl called Annabeth was the first patient that died under Conrad's care.
  • He and Jude served in the Marine Corps.
  • On his slide, in the intro to the show, the words "Death Before Dishonor" are written.
  • Conrad and his father are estranged and his mother died when he was young.[4]
  • His old medical professor was Eileen Jacoby, who he treated in Haunted. So, probably, he attended medical school in Atlanta or not so far from there.
  • His blood type is O.
  • He often rides his bike to work, hinting that he either doesn't have a car, as he's never seen driving one, or he wants to stay fit.
  • He does not eat carbohydrates.
  • His mother gave him a ring when he was little, telling him to give it to a girl that he's in love with. Nic has it, but it is possible that Catherine had it at one point.
  • In "Out for Blood," Conrad is revealed to be in line to become the Chief Resident. He is also Chastain's number one diagnostician.

Memorable Quotes

Conrad [to Devon] Top of your class, followed all the rules, and you think that puts you at an advantage, it doesn't. It just means you have more to unlearn than the guys who weren't paying attention.

Conrad [to Devon]: You got your little white coat, though. Your stethoscope, your penlight. You're all ready to play doctor, right?

Conrad [to Devon]: Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong. All the rules you followed, we'll break. I have only one rule, covers everything: I'm never wrong. You do whatever the hell I tell you. No questions asked.

Conrad [to Devon] All we want to do is help our patients, but what they don’t teach us in medical school is that there are so many ways to do harm.

Conrad [to Jude] That’s why I’m here. To help whoever walks through those doors and can’t help themselves. It doesn’t matter if they eat lobster or roadkill. I take care of them.

Conrad [to Nic] I will do whatever it takes to get you back.