Bradley Jenkins is a doctor at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. He is portrayed by Steven Reddington.


Season One

None The Wiser

While in surgery, all hell breaks loose when Bradley, coming off a 30 hour shift, passes out from exhaustion in the middle of performing surgery. A surgery which Mina has to take over, whilst also performing her own.

Lost Love

Bradley was one of the doctors, along with Conrad, trying to save Lilly's life after she coded, as a result of a potassium overdose.

And The Nurses Get Screwed

He warns Conrad and Nic that Dr. Bell is now performing surgery on Conrad's patient, instead of Dr. Turner who is off sick with the stomach flu.

Rude Awakenings and The Raptor

Conrad and Devon work tirelessly to save his life, after he fell through the hospital skylight. As the team of doctors contemplate how and why he fell through in the first place, was it attempted suicide or an accident. They determine that drinking his energy drink, taking his medication, and his poor heart condition caused Bradley to faint and fall off the roof. When Bradley wakes up, he admits that he’s thought about suicide all the time due to the pressure of being a doctor, but the confirms it's not why it happened.

Season Two

The Germ

Bradley returns to Chastain to receive a mechanical heart valve. Bradley reveals to Devon that he has gone into medical marketing with the signing bonus alone paying back Bradley's medical school debt. Bradley is off-put by Doctor AJ Austin who tries to bully Bradley into demanding a heart valve that does not come from QuoVadis, causing Bradley to request another surgeon. After talking to his old mentor Doctor Abe Benedict, AJ implants the QuoVadis device in Bradley who makes plans to attend Devon's upcoming wedding and expresses appreciation for Julian Booth's good looks.

Heart in a Box

After being on the waiting list for a transplant, Bradley finally gets a new heart, though he expresses doubts about whether or not he wants it as the time approaches. Though the heart suffers a heart attack, Mina and AJ are able to save it and perform the transplant upon Bradley.

The Dance

Bradley attends Devon's failed wedding.

Notes and Trivia

  • He has heart disease. [1]

Memorable Quotes

Bradley I just wanted to escape the pressure, the anxiety, the exhaustion.

Bradley Even just the thought of walking away from medicine brings this overwhelming sense of relief. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders… is that weird, or what?




  1. Rude Awakenings and The Raptor