Best Laid Plans
Season 3, Episode Twelve
The Resident - Episode 3.12 (1)
Airdate January 14, 2020
Written by Jen Klein & Daniela Lamas
Directed by Satya Bhabha
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Free Fall
How Conrad Gets His Groove Back

Best Laid Plans is the Twelfth episode of Season Three of The Resident.


While working at their non-profit clinic three hours outside of Atlanta, Nic and Mina treat a patient with a failing heart VAD, forcing them to find a new battery in time to save her life. Conrad gets a call from a previous patent in crisis after being sued by Red Rock for medical expenses he can't afford. Meanwhile, Devon's VIP patient, Nadine, returns to the ER and Cain tries to get close to Bell's business partner from the supplement company.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kearran Giovanni as Andrea Braydon
  • Shazi Raja as Nadine Suheimat
  • Skyler Day as Nurse Clara Rasmussen
  • Eli Gelb as Ezra Dreyfuss
  • Karole Foreman as Adelaide Loggins
  • Rick Holmes as Archer Loggins
  • Gunner Willis as Billy
  • Joy Nash as Bianca
  • Christie Lynn Smith as Joyce
  • Kamran Shaikh as Robert


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