Dr. Barrett Cain is a neurosurgeon and Chief of Surgery at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. He is portrayed by Morris Chestnut.


Dr. Barrett Cain is a neurosurgeon hired by Red Rock Medical to turn around Chastain’s finances and the third villain of the show.

Cain believes himself to be a superman physician, capable of curing crippling diseases. He’s charming when he wants to be, but his true personality is that of an utterly ruthless snake on quest for money and power. He has the ability to exact swift revenge on any who oppose him even if he is in the wrong. Cain does not truly care for his patients or any of his co-workers, he only cares that he can gut large payout sums of money from the insurances of the former and that the latter obey him like a flock of sheep, only supporting his ways and not having a thought of their own.

Despite his arrogance and ruthlessness, Cain is shown to not be a total monster. Cain privately admits to Ezra in "Support System" that as an intern, his inaction caused by doubting his instincts cost four patients their lives, but Red Rock and Ezra's mother, who was a mentor to Cain at the time, stepped in to save his job. In the present, after his patient Dawn Long is diagnosed with candida auris, Cain is insistent on coming forward due to the health risk, but Logan Kim threatens to expose Cain's mistakes as an intern if he does. Cain enlists Ezra's help to treat Sophia, an EMT who transported Dawn and got infected, behind Conrad's back. Conrad eventually figures it out on his own and Ezra reluctantly helps Cain cover it up, but Sophia dies. After Ezra reveals the truth, Conrad confronts a visibly devastated and guilt-ridden Cain about his refusal to come forward and bowing to Red Rock which cost someone their life as Conrad and Cain may have been able to save Sophia if he'd just told the truth. As Conrad leaves, Cain silently begins crying.


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