About Time
Season 2, Episode Four
The Resident - Episode 2.04 (8)
Airdate October 15, 2018
Written by Marc Halsey
Directed by Geary McLeod
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About Time is the fourth episode of Season Two of The Resident.


Chastain is flooded with concert goers when a stampede at a music festival grounds leaves many in need of doctors. As Conrad and Nic race to help Josh Robinson, a professional adventure guide with a long list of prior injuries, Devon works with a musician who swears he is sober, even though his toxicology report suggests otherwise. Meanwhile, Bell stirs the pot when the hospital's revered orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kit Voss, demands a better resident, Julian works to get her boss on Bell's good side and Winthrop continues to push Conrad to believe he's a changed man.


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